Career Coaching

Whether you are currently working or not, you may be wondering about your professional development and your career path. Through this program we can find together the answers to your questions. During a career coaching program there are three stages that are followed:

1st Stage:

- Presentation of the program and identification of goals.

- Psychometric Tests: Personality, Vocational Interests, Motivation and Capabilities

- Questionnaires and Interview

2nd Stage:

- The above tests are analyzed from ISON Psychometrica's specialized psychologists.

- Report creation in collaboration with FLYA Consulting

3rd Stage:

During a number of sessions the following areas will be addressed:

- Potential, skills and qualifications awareness

- Job satisfaction factors

- Available choices exploration

- Goal setting and strategy for achieving them


Skills development if needed (CV writing, interview tips, salary negotiation, etc.)


Mentoring on starting new business

The program usually lasts 10-12 hours and there is the choice of further sessions to follow-up on actions.