It is often easy to neglect your relationship when everyday situations change rapidly. Usually as a couple you need to fulfill multiple roles, roles that you even adopt for the first time. As a result, your relationship is fading out and it may even break.

Scheduling a coaching session for your couple every fortnight or once a month will provide you with a secure and quality space to explore both your relationship's issues as well as your individual concerns in interaction with your partner. This may be the first step towards empowering and developing your relationship.

It is very usual for couples that want to improve their relationship and face issues that emerge through achieving common goals, to feel more satisfaction, pleasure and happiness.

For a relationship to develop, both partners in the couple have to individually develop themselves and cooperate in order to bring the desired outcomes.

Through such cooperation you will be able to:

- Prevent and protect your relationship from future crises

Have a better quality of life as a couple

- Better communicate and actively listen to the needs of your partner while increasing intimacy and ameliorating your sex life

- Find more quality time together and respect your boundaries when the extended family puts them in question or does not respect them at all

Through mutual care, respect and love you will choose those actions that will change your life for better and I will support you to make them come true and improve your bond.