Welcome! In the pages of this web site you will find information about ways to attain your desired outcomes concerning family, friendship and professional relationships as well as ways to develop your career.

You will also find information about the methodology of my work during the sessions, integrating methods and tools from family /systemic counselling as well as from life coaching.

Imagine you desire a short vacation. Limiting thoughts restrain your desire, because there is a lot of pressure at work, your kids are going to school and your financials are limited. You feel that if you say you are leaving on vacation, people around you will find this weird.

Nevertheless, the idea of such a trip is fascinating and you cannot stop thinking about it. You think about all that you will be able to do during this trip, what you will see, what you will hear and what you will experience and you feel your desire increasing.

This trip can be used as a metaphor for the achievement of any desired outcome; also, the methodology to accomplish it is similar. There are always several alternative action plans which I will be supporting you to specify and choose the most appropriate for achieving your goals(s). Afterwards I will support you to realize those actions/steps in the direction of attaining your target(s).

Making your dreams come true, making minor or major changes, remaining healthy, developing yourself and living your life in the way you personally choose is something that fascinates me and for this reason I have chosen this profession.


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Psychologist MBPs, Accredited Coach

Family & Career Counselling - Coaching

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