I was born by parents that wanted me a lot in their life and have always loved one another. My early childhood memories are pleasant and happy. Once becoming a teenager though, I faced issues and became what is called a parental child. Although I was identifying problems and proposed solutions my parents did not listen to them and this confused me and made me sad.Later on, when I was trying to find my orientation for my studies, I was ambivalent between exact sciences on one side and language and art studies on the other. Not being able to choose a direction, under pressure, I chose the exact sciences, fulfilling my parents' expectations.

I studied electronic engineering, computer science and got a post-graduate degree in computer networks.

I started working as a computer networks' engineer in Information Technology companies. Although I was performing very well in technical issues, my focus was always on people around me. Early in my career I assumed managerial roles and continued in commercial positions.

At the same time, I started therapy sessions with a family therapist because I needed to understand what was going on within my parental family, why my romantic relationships instead of getting forward ended and I got hurt. I wanted also to understand why I was feeling so tired in my job. Through this process an idea emerged: "one day I will become a psychologist". I deeply wanted to support other people progress with their lives and help them, as I have been helped myself. Of course there was also the unfinished business from my teenage age when I wanted to study diverse disciplines.

So, I started to study Psychology, finished and then got specialized in family/systemic counselling and later-on in coaching.

Since 2005, I have my private practice working both with individuals to whom this website is addressed and collaborate with businesses as an external consultant ( If you wish to find my business resume please click here.

I feel lucky and proud that I have been involved in the upbringing of my two nephews. I currently live with my partner and take care together of his two daughters that are young women and have each their partner and own household.

My greater reward from my work is when my clients tell me (and write in their feedback) that I have helped by supporting them make their desired goals come true.

My personal goal is to continue to develop healthy relationships both professionally and with my loved ones.