My goal is health through prevention. Each and every one of us, at a given moment of our lifespan may be healthier or less healthy. According to the World Health Organization, "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." . Working with our selves, having a good and smooth contact and interaction with our body, our feelings, our thoughts and our environment is a kind of prevention for our health in order to avoid sickness. Taking care of our self and our relationships, our quality of life improves and the probability of being and remaining healthy rises.

Counselling according to the European Association for Counselling "is an interactive client beneficial relationship set up to approach a client's issues. These issues can be social, cultural and or emotional and the Counsellor will approach them in a holistic way. A client can be a person, or a family group or even an institution. The overall aim of counselling is to help clients recognise opportunities to help them live in more satisfying and rewarding ways as individuals and as members of society. The Counsellor can be involved in resolving specific problems which could involve making decisions and helping a client cope when in a crisis situation. The Counsellor can help a client resolve relationship issues, through helping them raise their self-awareness. To do this they will also need to work with the client's feelings, thoughts and perceptions and be aware of both internal and external conflicts."

Coaching according to the Hellenic Coaching Association "is a creative activity that seeks to support stakeholders to develop & enhance their skills and, eventually, reach their goals. It can focus both on the individual and on groups, facilitating the identification of alternative ways of managing professional and personal challenges"

The Systemic Approach views a person within its environment, based on the environment's influence on the person and, vice versa, on the person's influence on the environment. The person as a part of a greater "holon" relates and interacts with other persons, follows rules, roles, and values - both consciously and unconsciously - of the wider environment to which it belongs.

We are born, grow and develop in multiple human systems starting with the family. Then follow the school, friends, work environment, clubs, etc. Changes that a person might like to bring in his/her life is interdependent and interact with the systems to the person belongs and the state of those systems. By supporting and encouraging people to develop their positivity and health, the systems to which they belong to are stimulated to develop in a positive direction.

With clients that choose to collaborate with me, what I do is Systemic Coaching or/and Systemic Counselling drawing and integrating methodologies and tools from different psychological perspectives, aiming to support them be healthy at all levels.

My philosophy:

I deeply believe that Clients are resourceful, creative and whole and they are the only ones to know what is good for them and how to grow. I have the questions, they have the answers. I like to support and help them to be in a state of best possible physical, mental and social well-being, to live a "new life" having accomplished to the biggest extent possible their aspirations, wishes and desires. In other words, support clients to release and reach their potential in order to live a fulfilling and rewarding life, both personally and professionally.

I strongly believe that the relationship between the coach and the coachee is a tool that creates the trustworthy and open space for the coachee to grow and achieve their goals.

I am passionate about values, both of myself and the coachee's and I strongly adhere to the code of ethics believing that it is a strong tool motivating and supporting clients achieve outcomes.

Code of Ethics:

I am a member of and subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the following professional bodies:

1. British Psychological Association (BPS): Code of Ethics and Conduct

2. Hellenic Coaching Association (HCA): Code of Ethics

3. Hellenic Association for Counselling: Κώδικας ∆εοντολογίας & Πρακτικής Εξάσκησης