Personal development is a journey that continues throughout our life span. Each and every one of us constantly changes, since change is one of the most prevailing characteristics of life: we change from the moment that we are born. We change as we grow and develop.

Nowadays, changes happen to our lives in very fast and often unpredictable ways. Uncertainty goes hand-in-hand with changes and it may become difficult to manage.

We live and grow in groups: our family, our professional environment, our friends, the associations and clubs to which we potentially belong, etc. Relationships with our partner, our children, our parents, our siblings, our colleagues, our clients, our friends and other members of society, are very important. The way that we manage our relationships can either inhibit and become an obstacle or facilitate and support our path in life.

At the same time, we are whole persons having a body and a mind that need to be in a healthy interaction, interdependence and interrelation. Often we neglect parts of us and we increase the risk of facing health issues.

In addition we have several roles to fulfil. We are professionals, parents, children, siblings, partners, co-workers, friends, members in clubs, associations, etc. All these roles may become challenging to manage.

Relationships' management:

- Singles

- Couples

- Parents-children