The sessions will be face-to-face and/or via skype.

To start with, we will explore your goals.

If we decide to work meeting either for a specific number of sessions (5-10) or in an regular sessions (per week, per 15 days, etc.).

During each session we will be:

- Reviewing what happened since our last meetingExploring ways to overcome possible situations that inhi achieving your desired outcomes 

- Setting plans and actions for moving forward

- Other issues of your personal development, as for example: your image to others (appearance and behaviour)

You will benefit from our work together by achieving your individual goals in the area of your choice, such as: 

• Career development

• Stress and Time management

• Relationships Management

• Going through Changes

I will be your partner during this journey towards achieving your personal goals and we will build together a professional relationship that will support you make your dreams come true.